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21st Century Learning


Planned and produced entirely by students, Details yearbook is part of Whitney High Student Media. Students demonstrate creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication as they report, design, edit, market and deliver a full-color yearbook to the student body.


From short form reporting like tweets to in-depth reporting in the news magazine, journalism students inform, educate and entertain their readers with The Roar and Whitney Update as part of Whitney High Student Media, deciding which stories to tell and how best to deliver them.


Using digital cameras of all types, students focus on visual storytelling in their role with Whitney High Student Media. From behind a camera they capture important stories and find new ways of presenting information for a wide audience.


In a hands-on, creative setting, students learn all aspects of graphic communications. With emphasis on principles and elements of design, students gain experience with the Adobe Creative Suite for real-world communication in a variety of forms.
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Which aspect of your high school journalism experience with Nicks best prepared you for the future?

Emphasis on Meeting Deadlines and being Accountable to Others: 29%
Working with Multiple, Diverse Teams: 21%
Collaborating to Solve Complex Problems: 26%
Understanding the Value of Constant Revision and Reflection: 18%

Words of Wisdom

“In journalism, I was taught what my rights and freedoms are as a writer — things like my freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I was taught how to ask questions and how to get answers. More…
Shai Nielson - Whitney Journalism